Linux Hosting

Linux Hosting

Windows server hosting offers great value added features like framework hosting and MySQL on windows based infrastructure and others to offer the ability to run PHP and Apache on a familiar Windows platform.

It is designed for dedicated Web server and hosting, Win Server 2003 Web Edition, delivers a single-purpose solution for Internet service providers, application developers, and others who use or deploy specific Web functionality to make it easier to build and host Web applications, Web pages, and XML Web services.

Windows hosting packages includes either Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or 2008 operating systems. These systems are based on Microsoft NT therefore these operating systems provide reliable end to end server management. Apart from that, windows server also combines web development environment where .Net Framework and other Microsoft technologies can be deployed to create dynamic web pages and applications. This Windows design has made it to be an efficient tool for integrating various business operations over the web.

The benefits of having Windows hosting is that it is compatible with all of the Microsoft products. In addition to that, many developers out there have developed software and programs that are compatible with Windows platform. Besides that, this platform also works well with open source technologies such as PHP, Perl and MySQL.


Sunsys Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. has developed hundreds of websites for our clients over the years. This wealth of experience has enabled quickly and accurately for us to determine your business needs for web designing, website development, web maintenance, windows and linux hosting in Bangalore .

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